Week 5

What did I do :
1. Today we did 2 assignments about Naive Bayes Classifier together
2. Reviewing about week 1 modules regarding to the definition of A.I and Machine Learning.
3. Discussing with friends regarding to final projects.

Obstacles/Difficulties :
1. The hardest part of today is doing the tasks actually since the time limit was pretty fast and it was for the class attendance, so we needed to do it together in cisco and discuss it too with others.
2. Since we were learning Unsupervised Learning, Probabilities (conditional) needed to be review since I almost forget some of the Probability knowledge.

What did I learn:
1. Unsupervised Learning, in that topic we learn about conditional probability and naive baiyes to find possibles in order to predict the outcome results, also we compare both Unsupervised and Supervised learning before we start the main topic.

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